Cast Iron Sewer Liner – When It Goes…Go Trenchless

Cast iron sewer liner seems to be one of the most replaced material that we reline. We also, reline orangeburg, concrete, galvanized and PVC. To us it simply does not matter, if you have a problem we are here to solve it and fix it. Trenchless sewer repair is our specialty and our passion.

We recently did a job in Alameda county in California. The sewer length was approximately 60 feet of 4 inch that ran down a steep hill to the city sewer. We were able to go in and in one day successfully sewer repair c.i.p.p. it. The great thing about this job we had the sewers working perfectly by sundown. Needless we had one very, very happy customer.

The next job we had a bit more difficult it was a storm drain that was 24 inches in diameter and the total run was for 325 feet. After we ran a sewer video camera inspection down the line we notice right away that sucker was rotted out and had a bunch of holes. So over the course of 3-4 days, we now have a perfectly flowing storm drain that will be working without fail for decades to come.

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Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

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