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   Trenchless Pipe Bursting - New Sewer Pipe Replacement Technology

The process of replacing and entire sewer line with minimal excavation is called sewer pipe bursting. This process involves installing a new pipe while simultaneously breaking up the old pipe with a machine called a bursting head.

   Here's How It Works:

Two small access holes are made at each end of the existing sewer line and a heavy cable is fed through the entire length of the old sewer line. The cable is then attached to a cone shaped tool called a bursting head. The bursting head is securely fastened to a brand new length of sewer pipe on the other end. The cable is then pulled by a powerful winch causing the bursting head to spear head the old pipe easily breaking it up into small pieces while towing the new sewer pipe in behind it.



  Pipe Bursting Has Saved Cities and Businesses Millions of Dollars

Traditonally, to replace old sewer lines, the entire length of the old sewer pipe would need exacavating and in instances where the sewer line runs under streets. buildings, and other structures they would need to be dismantled and dug up meaning thousands of dollars in collateral construction costs. With new sewer pipe busting methods, only a few access points are required at each end of the old sewer line meaning the new pipe can be pulled underground leaving buildings, structures, and streets untouched.


   Trenchless Pipe Bursting Is Versatile

Pipe Bursting has been succesfully used on very large and difficult projects with old sewer pipe lines as wide as 56" in diameter and several hundred feet in length saving thosuands in construction and excavation costs. Another benefit to pipe bursting is the new pipe can be of a wider diameter than the old pipe being replaced to allow for future growth.


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0 Locate Your Local Pipe Bursting Contractors

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