Repairing America's Aging Sewer Infrastructure

  Trenchless Technology

With America's thousands of miles of leaking, aging and damaged underground sewer infrastructure to deal with, Trenchless Technology has been widely embraced by govermental agencies as the best way to deal with this growing problem. Having to close down city streets for months of excavation to remove and replace sewer lines is no longer necessarry as trenchless technology now allows for these sewer line to be replaced without dustrubing the surroundings. This means millions of dollars and time saved on restoring America's vast and complex underground sewer systems.


  Trenchless Is Repairing America's Sewer Infrastructure

With Billions in new budgeting being released by the goverment to create jobs and repair America's aging infrastructure, trenchless technology will be playing a big role in growing the economy while saving the taxpayers millions in collateral construction costs associated with now outdated, dig up and replace methods utlized in the past.


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(NMP) Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement 2012